"Make My Day"

Make My Day

Name: "Make My Day"
Class: 30 lbs.
Weapon: Spinner

This robot was initially created as an entry into the 2003 Robot Riots competition in Toronto. However, after not competing in the first competition, we had more time to prepare "Make My Day" for the next round of fighting. First up was to set up the spinner. The switch for the spinner control arrived, and was installed. We had to also create a number of new battery packages. The next step was to try and lower the entire robot with the intent of lowering the center of gravity, and therefore making the entire robot more stable and less vulnerable to being flipped in combat. The original outer moulding was thick rubber. However, this was less than satisfactory. A more plausible alternative able to withstand more abuse was bailing belt. With the robot lowered to 3 1/8 inches, the bailing belt was attached to the outer rim.

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