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TDK 1uF Ceramic Capacitors
  Job lot of TDK 1uF Ceramic Capacitors. Manufacturer Part Number FK22X7R2A105K I have 15 bags of these. 500 per bag. Asking $100.00 a bag or $1250.00 for the lot. To check out prices and specs take a look at the Digi-Key site.

Parker Denison hydraulic valves
  Three valves available. $150.00 for the lot. Parker Denison. Model 026-54113-G. Condition new. Designed to be flange (flush) mounted. 12V. 350 bar. Made in Germany.

High pressure water pump
  Pump and various other bits (not in pics). Shaft size: 5/8" Condition: new. Asking $150.00

Heavy duty cable cutter
  Starrett Morse cable cutter. Model 1A. Condition: New. Asking: $75.00

Some type of injection or compression dies
  Wonder if anyone is able to help me identify these things?

Got them at an auction recently along with a bunch of lathe chuck keys. There are about 20 of them packed with foam in three small parts boxes. I gather they were originally shipped by UPS and ended up in the "misguided freight" auction where I got them. Most people thought they were cutters but they all have slightly different face shapes (last pic) so I think they are parts for some sort of die. About 4 inches long. Look to be professionally made. They are marked with numbers from 1 to about 52.The one that I took pics of also has the number 3052263A-5391 reverse engraved on what might be the face of the die. Boxes have the numbers MX00751 marked in grease pencil. Look to be expensive so I'd hate to just pitch them. And I don't mind paying a reasonable commission if you can find the right buyer.

Small linears suitable for robotics
  Light to medium duty suitable for a smaller robot flipper arms. Take a look at the Biohazard web site for some ideas.

You will need a drive shaft of 1/8" square and about an 1.5" long if you want to use this as is. However, you can cut down the longer of the two trunions so that the motor sits closer to the worm gear.

Looks to me like about a 60 revs per inch of linear motion. The gears are 4.75 : 1 and the screw is 12.5 TPI. OAL is 13-3/4" and there's a good 11" of screw travel.

The nut assembly that rides on the main screw has two M6 threaded holes that you can use to secure whatever you are moving.

Several people have asked about using these to retrofit a micro lathe. Feel free to try but I don't think it's a good idea. They're just not accurate enough.

Condition: as new. Asking $10.00 each

Assorted batteries
  12 V SLAs These are new/unused but some show signs of "travel". Various sizes available. The small gray ones are 4 or 4.5 Ah.. Larger black are 7 or 7.5 Ah. I have other still larger ones paired with more capacity. Please ask.
How about $1.50 per amp hour plus shipping?

1.2 V NiCd cells. Got a bunch of these that you can use to roll your own packs. (This can be dangerous! Use caution. Find out what you need to know to do this safely!) These are mostly from things like cordless drills. Various sizes. Mini "C" cells, "C" cells. Ratings about 1500 mAh. They are new/unused.
Asking $1.50 a cell plus shipping.
I also have some used. Asking $1.00 pre cell + sh.

Fasco gear motor - 61 RPM
  Model V06669AJ76. 115 volts AC. 1/10 HP. 1.6 amps. Has 4 wires. If you use white/black motor rotates in one direction. White/red rotates in the other direction. There's a neat cam operated dual cut off switch built in so that you can stop rotation at any point in either direction. Nice. Condition: very good. Asking: $40.00

CPI venturi vacuum blocks
  The CPI Series 312 Venturi is a stand alone vacuum generator that converts compressed air into a vacuum. You can download a data sheet here. I've got about 15 of these. Condition: New but some scratches from travel. Asking: $15.00 each.